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Baita nel Bosco is in the green Valle Varaita, one of the most fascinating valleys in the mountain territory of the Province of Cuneo.

The chalet is located about 1 km from the town of Brossasco, in the ancient Faggeri hamlet (“Borgata Faggeri” in Italian). The house is situated about 800 meters above sea level, on a sunny hill surrounded by woods where wilder spaces alternate with those that have been neatly cultivated. The environment invites quiet walks and hikes, in the silence typical of wooded areas.

The forest is, in fact, the main attraction of the place, beautiful in all seasons with its changing colors and aromas. The area is populated with maple and cherry trees, which light up in autumn with flaming colors, as well as fragrant lime trees and various shade-giving trees such as chestnut, walnut, ash, alder, elm, white birch, and last but not least fir trees at an altitude of 1100 meters.

It is not uncommon to hear a rustle of bushes and see a roe deer immediately escaping one’s gaze, or to admire the twirl of a buzzard high in the sky, or, on summer nights, to see the flash of a thousand fireflies.


Just a few steps from the chalet, a fountain flows into a stone basin.  It is this fountain that once fed the village, and from which women drew with buckets, for housework and for the kitchen.

It feels ancient, as if so much time as passed, although this occurred just fifty years ago. In the silence that reigns in Borgata Faggeri one can almost hear the voices of children chasing one another, the calls of the farm animals, the blows of the axe. There is an image of immemorial life imprinted in the old stones and in the spirit of the place and it is a privilege to be able to savor these sensations and let oneself be taken over by this atmosphere.

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